This page lists out many different job boards, gig services, communities, and consulting agencies available to freelancers. What’s the difference between the types?


Name Alexa Rank Summary
Upwork 500 Fixed or hourly projects. Largest client listing. Lots of low-paid competition. Horrible Support. Guaranteed payment for hourly 20%/10%/5% depending on engagement length.
Freelancer 1,000 Much like upwork but their pricing is more around paying per listing/application.
Thumbtack 5,000
PeoplePerHour 6,000 & Gigs Emphasis on shorter projects. Spec work also.
Toptal 7,000 Can be hard to actually get jobs. Big name clients. Hourly or weekly engagements. Recruiters sell you to clients. Some sense of "community". 10,000 Larger profile section for freelancers. Payment on completion with "resolution process" if client is unhappy.
CodeMentor X 10,000 Get paid for short tutoring sessions or find clients. Bit of a vetting process. For client projects payments aren't guaranteed.
Crossover 50,000 Emphasis on long term engagements.
Speedlancer 300,000 Smaller tasks. Design, writing, or short term tech engadgements.
Scalable Path 500,000
Loom 10,000,000


Name Alexa Rank Summary
CodeMentor 10,000
HackHands 200,000


Name Alexa Rank Summary
Fiverr 400 Gigs
Bonsai 100,000 Tools
#freelance 2,000,000 Community 2,000,000 Community


Name Alexa Rank Summary
Codeable 100,000
Crew 100,000
Working Not Working 100,000
X-Team 200,000
Gigster 200,000
Konsus 300,000 400,000 600,000
Moonlight 1,000,000
10xmanagement 1,000,000
Pilot 1,000,000
Dreamlance 10,000,000